Thursday, December 8, 2011

Time to think about SON with huge data

I just read a IEEE article on "Future of Data". There was good mention in the article about the priority in the generation of IT. First the hardware, then the software and then the communication. Now what's next? Many think "Making meaning out of Data". And if we think about SON. That is very much true. Self Organizing Network use cases mentioned in current 3GPP papers and NGMN requirements are to do mostly with basic operator use-cases. But, what about use-cases that is required to match the changing business needs. Self Configuration, Self Optimization and Self Healing could be good functionalities to automate the current tasks, mostly on the networks. What about pro-actively configuring the data based on operator business needs? I think it's time to thing about SON that deals with handling uncertainties based on network events that is huge.